As well as supplying fires, fireplaces, and spare parts – not to mention work on all kinds of boilers too, we offer the following services to our customers. If you need assistance with something we haven’t mentioned please do contact us.


Keep your gas appliances in safe, good working order by having them serviced regularly. We will inspect them, clean any parts that require it, and inform you of any remedial work that should be done to ensure they continue working safely.


Sometimes, even with regular servicing – gas appliances can breakdown. At C&G Gas Services we are able to quickly visit you, diagnose and fix any breakdowns. We’re honest and open with our breakdown service and will ensure your appliance is fixed safely and in a cost effective manner.


At C&G Gas Services, as well as helping you with existing appliances, we can plan, install and commision gas appliances too. All work will be completed to the highest standard, and you will be issued with the relevant documents and certification for our work.


If something isn’t working quite correctly, then we’re on hand to help you. Don’t leave it to the point where you could have a full breakdown – a small bit of maintenance at the right time can save you money. Ensure you contact us as soon as you think you need our maintenance service.